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      One Metaverse, please!

      Extended reality concept store.

      Pick your favourite XR concept and start your epic journey. Contact us for mix & match and customization!


      Are you an escape room entrepreneur wanting to reach more customers? Do you struggle to showcase your games' uniqueness online?

      Create an escape room in the Metaverse!

      Product Escape room in the Metaverse
      Price range € - €€€
      Who? Escape room, mystery and group games providers
      Why? Tease your unique mystery or other group games in a way that complements them. Reach and attract new audiences and invite them to experience more.


      Escape room in the Metaverse

      Create an online version of your escape room or other mystery game. Do the whole thing, or shrink it down to tease. You can utilize the Escape room in the Metaverse in basically whatever scenario you come up with: hide a promotion code, add a prequel to your physical game, extend the exploration online. The possibilities are endless!

      The Escape room in the Metaverse is accessible to your clients without registrations or app downloads. No extra hassle for your clients.

      Your Metaverse escape room:

      • Attract and engage your audience in a new way
      • Make your online presence as intriguing as your physical one
      • Offer a sneak peek of your game or make it entirely online - the choice is yours
      • Mix online and real-world experiences seamlessly together

      • Or anything you can think of!

      Get a personalized Escape room in the Metaverse now!



      I want an Escape room in the Metaverse!

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