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      Do you have a physical space you'd like to get a replica of to present online but 3D modelling it from top to bottom isn't an option? Photogrammetry might be just the answer you've been waiting for!

      Product Photogrammetry space
      Price range €€
      Who? Museum experience developer, Museum service manager
      Why? Extend your physical presence online and reach a broader audience. Offer your audience engaging experiences virtually, as you do in the real.


      If you have a physical space your audience loves to visit, you might have thought about creating an online version for your customers to keep exploring after you part ways in the real world. You also might have noticed that creating a 3D model of your space is quite costly.

      Thanks to a piece of tech called photogrammetry, you can transform your physical space into a virtual one rather easily and cost-effectively. If you're not familiar with photogrammetry, you can learn the basics from our blog.

      In your photogrammetry space, you can present exclusive content that would be difficult or impossible to display in a real space, such as large items or collections, digital content, or extensive background stories and future visions.

      Your photogrammetry space:

      • Invite your audience to visit your beloved space before or after the physical visit.
      • Showcase exclusive content that wouldn't be possible in the real.
      • Offer an inclusive online experience accessible to all via a web browser.
      • Extend your online presence to 3D and stay relevant on the spatial web.

      • And more!

      Tell us your hopes and needs for a photogrammetry space, and let's make dreams come true!



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