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      One Metaverse, please!

      Extended reality concept store.

      Pick your favourite XR concept and start your epic journey. Contact us for mix & match and customization!


      Do you have an idea of what you would like to do in the Metaverse? Or just a desire to do something, having no idea where to start?

      Let's have a workshop to define your goals!

      Product XR workshop
      Price range
      Who? Marketing, sales, executives
      Duration 0.5-1 day
      Location Remote / In location in Helsinki, Finland area
      Why? Explore your Metaverse-readiness and clarify your Metaverse dreams and goals.


      Arilyn XR workshop

      In our workshop, we together aim to clarify your dreams, goals and resources towards the Metaverse. We can create a ready-to-go concept or a more general business plan for the Metaverse.

      Whatever your Metaverse status, the XR workshop is for you to create real business benefits in the new dimension. No flying whales - that's just an opportunity missed. Let's make your message sticky and your marketing, sales or branding efforts matter.

      “Plenty of companies develop fascinating technologies. Then comes someone with the wild idea of actually concentrating on the content and user experience.”

      - James Spectrum, Artist, Pepé Deluxe

      Your XR workshop:

      • Define your resources
      • Clarify your dreams and goals
      • Create a ready-to-go concept

      • Or anything you want to explore and make yours regarding business in the Metaverse!


      I want to have a workshop!

      Leave your contact info and some thoughts on your goals and we'll get back to you shortly.

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