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      Pick your favourite XR concept and start your epic journey. Contact us for mix & match and customization!


      Do you know what spatial computing is? Are you aware of the possibilities extended reality and immersive storytelling holds for business - especially your business? How can you easily hop on board without diving to the deep end straight away?

      Let's figure it out together!

      Product Immersive digital strategy
      Price range €€
      Who? Business lead, Digital development
      Why? Create a comprehensive plan to utilise immersive technologies and experiences to grow your business in the fast-growing 3D internet.


      Your immersive digital strategy is key to keeping your business relevant in the new and upcoming spatial internet. In less than a year, major tech companies will have launched their high-end immersive headsets, defining the next decade's development towards spatial internet all around us.

      If you haven't yet researched spatial technologies and immersive storytelling possibilities for your business, now is the time. Companies that won't will drop by the development's wayside and lose vital business in the future.

      Your immersive digital strategy:

      • Introduction to immersive technologies; past, present and the future.
      • Defining where your business stands in the 3D internet; your needs and goals.
      • Determining how you will reach your goals and how immersive technologies answer your needs.
      • Demo content; a suggestion created based on the goals we have determined together.
      • Development plan for the next few years, depending on your needs and goals.

      Let's create your immersive digital strategy now!



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