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      Does your business run around a story? Would you like to extend your storyline and engage your audience in a new way?

      An immersive and interactive online story engages your audience with your content like never before, blending real-life experiences with digital exploring.

      Product Immersive and interactive online story
      Price range €€ - €€€
      Who? Marketing, Entertainment, Books
      Why? Extend your storyline online, across media and blend reality with imagination. Engage your audience to dwell deep into your story and find new things to explore.

      A new media and entertainment format to be experienced in XR follows the story of a person of your choice. Task by task, the user learns more about the person and their story. The experience has similarities to escape rooms, but the idea is not to get out but to dive deeper into the storyline. The concept can also expand into real-world locations. 

      The immersive and interactive story lives in the middle ground of reality and virtual - just like our everyday lives. The virtual story extension guides your audience deeper into your message, layer by layer. Your audience can travel through time and space as they explore your storyline. Each adventure is unique, as each visitor interacts with your content differently.

      • Extend your storyline to a 3D web space to increase your audience's time spent with your content.
      • Offer exclusive yet inclusive online content for your true fans.
      • Integrate to your website or use as a standalone experience.

      • Or anything you want!

      Transform your real-life story into an immersive and interactive 3D adventure and increase your audience's time with your content.

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